Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gov. Wolf vetoes no-tax-hike Republican budget for third time

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said Tuesday he will use his line-item veto
power on the $30.8 billion, no-tax-hike budget passed by the
Republican-controlled Legislature. So the big question is why didn't
Wolf do this on July 1 when the first budget was sent to him by the
Legislature? The answer: Wolf wants to raise taxes on working
Pennsylvania families so he held the budget hostage for the past 6
months in the hopes of forcing the Legislature to raise taxes. His ploy
didn't work. So here we are - six months into the new fiscal year -
without a budget, thanks to Wolf and his far-left staffers who want to
spend more than the state takes in.

Gov. Wolf vetoes Republican budget, will release funds for schools

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GOP Grinches Set Up Wolf Pre-Christmas Tax Hike in Pa.

Twenty-one Republicans in the Pennsylvania House joined with Democrats to set up a massive tax hike right before Christmas. Who are these Grinches? The watchdog group Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania has a list on its website. You can contact them now or remember their names on the 2016 ballot.